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School Student Programs – Educational and Age Appropriate

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While in your part of the country performing Benjamin Franklin Lives …

… the educational program of Benjamin Franklin Lives is available to your students and geared to be educational and a lot of fun.

Laughing While Learning

Great storytelling with a lot of humor will mesmerize your students while they learn about Benjamin Franklin’s early life, discoveries and his amazing inventions.

The school program provides historically accurate living history about his lessons of life and achievements. All presented in a fun and energetic telling.

The content is age appropriate and is NOT political in any form of fashion. The reference in time is the early 1770s and back to his youth and does not include war or any violent issues.

School Program Length

This is a one hour assembly or class presentation in two parts:

The initial speaking presentation is around 1/2 hour. It begins with a humorous introduction from Dr Franklin that grabs your student’s attention.

Several short stories follow that include his encounter with a young friend over a whistle, his talk about what really happened with his kite experiment, the dangers of electricity and how to keep safe, innocent mischief where he and his young friends found themselves in trouble and a very funny story about a pet squirrel.

All in living history accuracy and the wit and wisdom Benjamin Franklin is known for.

For older students such as high school, the stories are augmented to more their relatable tastes. Such as Benjamin Franklin’s very interesting yet stormy relationship as a teenager with his older brother James.

The second part of the hour is an opportunity for your students to present questions to Dr Franklin.

Prior to the beginning of Dr Franklin’s arrival that day, have your students write their name on a standard size index card along with the question they want to ask. When the time comes, have a representative of the group present the stack of cards to Dr Franklin. He will randomly select a question and acknowledge the student.

In this way, Dr Franklin can more quickly answer questions and get to many more than having students raise hands to be called on (a keep potential chaos to a minimum).

Age Appropriate Presentations

Dr Franklin will adjust his wording differently to the understanding of the age level of your students. He keeps the words more simple with elementary students and speaks with more mature words to older students.

It is always better to not mix age groups. It is not so much a problem in high school ages. But with younger grades, mixing 4th and 5th grade students with 2nd and 3rd grade students make it difficult to reach those ages on their level of understanding.

We suggest having multiple assemblies for various age groups. Also, to have multiple assemblies if there is a large number of students. We do offer large discounts for added assemblies that take place in a serial fashion.

Please Contact us by phone, text or email with any questions and to schedule your school appearance that your students will never forget !

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